The other day I was having coffee with 2 of my beautiful friends who both have 3 children
and we all started getting a bit teary talking about our mothers and how amazing it is that
god created and blessed us with such a nurturing bond. No matter where we are at in life,
there are times when we just want our mum.

I had the privilege to take these beautiful family shots for my Sister in Law just weeks
before her Mum went to be with God. We nearly cancelled the shoot as it was storming hours
before but I knew that God wanted us to have this photoshoot and then something amazing happened,
the sun came out. I hope that these images will bring back beautiful memories & happiness every time
they look at them.

On Mothers day we celebrate a Mothers love. For some of us we have the priviledge to tell our mums
as we dont show are appreciation often enough. For those who dont get to tell them,
I am confident that they already know how much we love them.

A Mothers love is forever and no matter where they are,
they will always be watching over us. I wish a happy mothers day to my beautiful mum
and to all the amazing mums who are here with us and in spirit.