It must be baby season! So many of my couples are having babies!
Tomorrow I am visiting a bride whos wedding I shot in Nov and she is due in Jan!

One of the sweetest couples I have ever met are Ashleigh and Robbie…
And they are SOOOOO in love!!!! Capturing this exciting milestone in life is just such a blessing.
When I was younger, I used to think that people get married and have kids. But the more people I meet
and the more stories I hear, I realize to never take it for granted and that every child is a blessing from god!

We had flowercrown, giant balloon, matching converse sneakers, white tops and blue jeans and lots of
joy of these proud parents! My favourite was when Ashleigh suggested “lets compare our bellies!” Too adorable!
When Ashleigh booked me in to do her babybump pregnancy photoshoot, she also booked me in for the newborn shoot
but that story I shall save for another time!

Bless this beautiful family xx