Food and Restaurant Interior Photography for Urban List

If you follow me on instagram ( @neiyo ) you will see that my passions besides God, People & Photography are Food and Coffee!
I love food because I believe food is a way of gathering and building relationships.
People are more likely to open up and be let you in and talk about the things that actually matter when they are relaxed.
Amazing conversations happen over food. A family sits down together for a meal. Food is the most exciting when it is shared. Every celebration involves food.

So ofcourse I was stoked when one of the best online Melbourne Guides The Urban List contacted me to shoot the fancy restaurant Lume in South Melbourne. I have heard so many amazing things about it and boy was it more than just food. It was a piece of art. The love and thought and precision that goes into each dish is just mind blowing. The little ball filled with ice cream that has to be cracked was so delicate that my hands were shaking, it was more stressful ( in a good way ) than shooting a wedding!

The place is just filled with such a spirit of excellence. Love it! Love Melbourne!

Restaurant Lume
Featured in The Urban List