Welcome to an experience of unparalleled dedication providing you and your loved ones with an exclusive journey before, during, and after your special day.

Neiyo’s commitment extends beyond mere documentation; it is an investment in your cherished memories. Embrace a seamless process tailored to respect the precious nature of your time from our initial consultation to the final delivery of your meticulously crafted images.

Her approach goes beyond the lens—it’s a fusion of personal care, comprehensive storytelling, and a genuine talent for building connections. We transcend the role of a mere photographer to become your trusted partner in capturing life’s most joyous moments.

I look forward to transforming your most joyful memories into timeless masterpieces.

x Neiyo




"Where do I even start with Neiyo ?! If I could give someone a rating out of 10, Neiyo would get 20!"

Thanks so much for all your fun vibes and professionalism throughout the entire wedding (even our catch-ups before were super duper awesome and fun). Neiyo, you made us feel so at ease like we were just hanging out with an awesome friend on the day, creating lots of memories together. Thanks for always reminding us not to stress and to have fun, and for also being so accomodating with my ideas. Your turnaround time was also astonishing. Words cannot express how grateful we are!
Seriously, Tony, Astro and myself have so much love for you, and we can't wait for other opportunities where we need a photographer... we know exactly where to go!!



“ Neiyo is literally a dream and an absolute delight to have around. “

I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for last week and all your support during the lead up to our wedding! Thank you for your calming nature, your direction, and your love and prayers for us on the day. I hope you enjoyed your day/night with us too! You are so talented and so dedicated to what you do and ensuring we were all as relaxed as possible throughout the day. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! We love you ❤



"So keen were we to have Neiyo that I believe she even chose our wedding date! “

As a bride-to-be I fell in love with Neiyo’s signature style of warmth and colour, capturing sheer joy on her client’s faces. A stark difference to the trendy “darker” photographers, at the time. When I met Neiyo, I realized how her talent harmonized with her beautiful heart worked to both meticulously and seamlessly capture the most natural and precious of moments and eternalize them, without intruding on their presence.



Neiyo is a wonderful and talented photographer to work with, always seeking to get the best results for any project she has worked on for us. She is flexible, reliable and willing to accommodate with pleasure. She has become a lovely and valuable member of our content team across events and various other projects.



Neiyo is one of the most talented photographers we have had the pleasure of working with over the past few years. She is always our first recommendation to all our event and wedding clients and she shoots all our menus each season as well. Her photographic work is breathtaking, refreshing and beautifully composed. She considers every angle and always manages to capture the spirit of each occasion. She does this in such a subtle manner that you often forget she is even present which is a true talent. Neiyo's attention to detail, ability to grasp those special moments and the soft lighting of her images makes her one of Melbourne's most gifted photographers.



"It’s safe to say that fabulous Melbourne-based photographer Neiyo is a breath of fresh air “

Neiyo’s images are candid, filled with color and all about bringing joy to those around her. For many years after the fact, Neiyo’s couples happily reflect on their day – brought back to memories of special details and happy moments through the work she has created.
With a stress-free attitude and her vibrant, upbeat nature, Neiyo is an absolute delight to work with, and in her approach its plain to see that she’s truly grateful for the experiences she shares.
Let’s be honest, we could all do with a little extra sunshine in our lives right now, so we wanted to get to know more about Neiyo, her approach to photography and take the chance to show off some of her creative captures.


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