Melbourne Pre wedding Photoshoots are so popular. Melbourne is a beautiful city and has stunning coastlines. Amanda and Kim are one of the nicest couples I have ever met. I know I always adore my couples. No matter how many weddings I have shot, it always intrigues me to find out how they met, how they know they have found the one, and how they have come so far. For their Melbourne Pre wedding and first look, Amanda was dreaming about ” beach/coast with rugged rocks/green shrubs, rolling green/golden hills/plains “. So I found her a perfect spot which had all of the above. I remember during dinner after our wonderful full day pre-wedding shoot in the Mornington Peninsula. I was observing them as they were choosing the album cover. Amanda ” I like this one, but we go with your one ” Kim ” I like this one, but we go with your one ” No wonder they have been together for 15 years yet if you asked me I would’ve guessed that they are still in their honeymoon. So gaga and in love. So much respect and kindness for each other. And most of all, I admire how gently they speak to each other, always putting the other person first. Nevermind that Kim asked, ” What are we picking this for?” Haha.

I have a feeling that these guys are going to live happily ever after….

Flowers by Flowerhead Events / Make up by Jane Truong