Often the big question is whether to have an urban city wedding, a beach wedding, a rustic barn wedding, OR a winery wedding. Stones of the Yarra Valley is so well known and in the heart of this beautiful wine region Yarra Valley region. So here are some of my PROS of having a winery wedding.

WINE. One time I was shooting a wedding at a winery during Lent and I was fasting alcohol for 40 days and it was near the end and the lovely waitstaff offered all of us cold champagne after running and sweating for the past few hours, it was cruel! There is something festive about bubbles and wine. It is a celebratory drink. Saved for a special occasion. And no better place than a winery to drink wine!

LESS TRAVEL. Urban and city weddings are beautiful and full of character. A winery wedding saves guests the hassle of having to entertain themselves between the ceremony and the reception or having to look for parking. It may take a bit longer to get there but there will be no travel in between.

GOOD FOOD. Yarra Valley region and fresh local produce. Every time I shoot at the Stone they prepare a little separate room for us and always have the most delicious meals.

FRESH AIR. I always think Melbourne is so fresh and clean compared to Hong Kong where I used to live. Then you travel out a bit and breathe in the fresh crisp air, it is almost as good as morning coffee!

PHOTO BACKDROP. I love symmetry in photos. Vinyards have a beautiful symmetry that make a gorgeous photo backdrop. A row of trees/vines are verging lines that lead you to the couple.

PERFECT GETAWAY. It is the best excuse to get away from the bustling city. Yarra Valley isn’t even that far. Make it a getaway or a weekend away. I am certain guests will love it.

I had the privilege to capture Caitlin and Jason’s gorgeous wedding at the Stones. Harper and Co transformed a beautiful reception place. Caitlin’s good taste captured me from the beginning with her sparkly mid-length dress and Sophia Webster Heels. It was a very happy event with families coming together.


Yarra Valley Winery Venue Stones / Stylist Harper & Co / Sparkly Dress by Rhonda Hemmingway / Butterfly Heels by Sophia Webster