Once a year I do a camera workshop. This time I teamed up with Eliska from Ruffles and Bells who created a beautiful space for our students to learn and play with their cameras ( she just makes everything look pretty! Its amazing!)

I don’t usually like public speaking, Actually I am terrified of it. But something is different when I am running a camera workshop. I feel so comfortable talking about photography. Maybe its because I am passionate about learning and growing. It makes me sad when people have a nice camera and shoot on Auto. I want to simplify the technical side of the camera to allow people to create beautiful images, showing their perspective of this world. I want the images to add joy to peoples lifes. To admire gods beauty. To be grateful for the little things we are blessed with. I want people to come together who would never usually meet. I had the pleasure of having both my assistants at my workshop ( and I’ve taught them so well hehe, the macaron picture so so out of the box thinking by Holly and the pink flower on blue chair by Jake, such complimenting colours. They are the best. Holly got some great bts shots! )

The morning was just beautiful. Coffee. Beautiful people. Beautiful Studio. Beautiful natural light. I would love to do this more often! Let me know if you would like to be a part of the next one!

Photos by me and my assistants / Styling by Ruffles and Bells / Sweets by Pretty Sweet Cake Design / Studio Melbourne