There are a million reasons why I love weddings so much. With Dad being a Pastor I have been attending Christian wedding s since I was a child. I met Aden at church years and years ago and shared our love for cars and initial D. It always means so much to me to see the people around me fall in love. Aden and Cass are not your usual couple. I remember before our engagement shoot they made such an effort to convince me how bad they are in front of the camera and with PDA, I told me them not to worry. We went up to Mount Dandenong for some fun forest walks and shots and when they received their images, Cass was so blown away she messaged me saying they look like they are in love. That is because they ARE. You can imagine she gave the funniest speech at the wedding, so raw and honest. I remember her saying who picks such a hot bridal party, yes also very true!


The venue was a brewery in Collingwood Craft & Co with beautiful natural light. It was a very hot day but everyone got through it. The boys started the ceremony with a prayer huddle. Aden and Cass reminded me to get lots and lots of photos of their nephew Simon, what a cutie! What a fun and gorgeous bridal party and day. Thanks again so so much for having me!