There are Events and then there are Google Events.
Corporate Events have really raised the standards and are so hip and fun these days when it comes to creativity, entertainment and styling. I was very excited to shoot this Google Party held in a hidden warehouse in the backstreets of Melbourne. The color theme was so in line with my style : Bright and white and SO much pastel pink.
So what is a Google Event? A vip guestlist. A Warehouse filled with Foodtrucks, skateramp, DJ, Rapper, google gadgets and phones, googlers in their nike sneakers, coloring wall, display of the latest products. They even had a fan that could be turned on via a google device! A glimpse of the future perhaps?

What an event! Thanks for having me Google!!!

DJ Lauren Mac / Brisbane Rapper Carmouflage Rose / Foodtrucks Lil Nom Nom + Sliders on Tyres + La Revolucion / Venue : The Facility