What an amazing start to 2018 with a destination wedding in a country Ive never been to, for one of my closest and longest friends Nigel and Lili! I flew out on the first of Jan Melbourne KL Kuching. Ive been to Thailand, Singapore and Jakarta before, so Malaysia probably falls between Jakarta and Singapore. Everything is SO cheap. I only spent around $100 in a week on food. Roads are a little dirty but the resort the wedding was held Cove 55 was a dream with amazing staff, infinity pool and the nicest bathrooms I have ever seen! It was a dream!

The whole weeks leading up the wedding, Nigel was telling me that it was raining every single day around the afternoon. So I prayed and the wedding day was the only day the rain held off until the after/ poolparty. God was def
looking out for my couple.

The highlights? Seeing how the couple are surrounded by great friends. Seeing the bride Lili SO SO happy. She told me it was the happiest day of her life. She couldnt stop smiling. Her little sister walked her down the isle and her loyal gfs were there the whole way. Nigel decided to shave his mexican mo off for the day. Going through the pictures made me laugh and teary. I love how all the boys changed from chinos to shorts. And the minutes before the ceremony, when Lili and her girls group hugged and Nigels friends gave him their blessings. I love how the couple were game enough to climb down these rocks and trusted me that we would get wow shots at the beach when it was low tide. Nigel and Lili you guys are LOVED!!!

Get in touch with me I would love to be a part of your next destination wedding!


Venue : Cove 55 / Angel Dress : Holly Butler / Tailored Suit : Oscar Hunt
Graphic Design : Groom himself Nigel Ling