I am sure there are more, but here are some beautiful places to visit in Germany.

Film Snaps from my Summer of 2022 in Germany :

When you think of a summer in Europe, most people will probably visit Italy, Greece, and France.

I had the privilege to travel to Germany after many years. This time to meet my partner Moritz’s family for the first time! They are located near Hanover, a beautiful place just 2 hours away from Berlin and next to Wolfsburg where Volkswagen headquarters is located.

Summer in Germany is filled with alfresco dinners ( as the sun doesn’t set until 10 pm ) and fresh berries of all sorts. The best part, coffee is always accompanied by cake! I think I devoured more cake in 1 month than in an entire year! Architecture is filled with history. Every city, town, and village has its own charm and culture. For example, the german cuisine as we know it in Australia is only from South Germany/ Bavarian. There are no sausages or bretzels in North Germany. In the short 1 month, we were there, we managed to squeeze in 11 beautiful places to visit in Germany. Here are some film highlights. Warm, timeless, and colorful, they reflect the way I see the world. Hope you get a taste of a light-filled summer in Germany.


Little places – Edemissen, Peine, Brunswick, Hartz, Gottingen, Hannover and Salzgitter

Harbour city Hamburg – We visited a concert inside the newest architectural and sound wonder Elbphilharmonie

Munchen or Munich in English – the NY city of Germany with English Garden, one of the largest inner-city parks in the world, larger than Central Park in New York and Hyde Park in London.

Tubingen – Where it all began: Where my brother was born and I learned german. The prettiest underrated little place.

And last but not least, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg would be my area to stay. Pretty and lots of boutique cafes and shops. How stunning are the golden sunflower fields we passed on our drive there.

Kodak Portra Film 400 from Hallide Supply

Noritsu Scans at Hillvale