First, WHY?

Do we need “Getting ready” photos?

Well, getting ready photos are a great way to warm up in front of the camera and just a fun time getting excited in anticipation of the best day of your life! It is the perfect way to include your pets and relax with your friends and family. It is such an intimate time with your family and first look for your parents!

How long do “Getting ready” photos take?

Usually, I spend about 30min with the groom/groomsmen and 1 hour with the bride/bridesmaids as make-up and hair often takes time before everyone is dressed and ready. The bride and Groom often get ready at their family homes or onsite at the venue.

After 16 years of shooting weddings, here are

My top 3 tips on how to get the best getting ready photos.

Tip 1

THE MOST IMPORTANT is to choose a bright and minimal place with lots of natural light. If you are getting ready at home, make sure to tidy up, declutter and have fresh flowers and plain white walls in sight. The dress can hang nicely on the window or door frame. If you are looking for an Airbnb, I have 3 highly recommended spots in Melbourne below that were just a dream to get ready in. And be assured, I will find the perfect spot on the day and there is always outdoors!

Tip 2

Include some personalization. Grooms can make personalized beer holders or if budgie smugglers are your thing….Brides love to celebrate with champagne and how special will your bridesmaids feel with their name on their glass? A sparkly bride embellished their outfits and slippers to be all matching. A personal touch just adds so much fun!

Tip 3

When I help my couples plan the day, we organize for the makeup to be ready by the time of my arrival. Of course, this doesn’t always happen. My advice would be for family and bridesmaids to be dressed first. That way they are ready, look amazing, not distracted, and ready to help you slip into your dress and get the day started! And don’t forget to have fun!!

Featured in the posts are some of my Airbnb Recommendations :

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