Thinking of proposing in Melbourne? From my recent shoot that was meant to be a 40th Masquerade ball party that turned into a big surprise proposal, here are my 6 steps to planning the most epic surprise proposal in Melbourne :

1. Make sure no one knows you are proposing! That way, the chance of the surprise being spilled will be slim. That’s correct, not even the photographer! I was shocked as everyone else. A great and experienced photographer is always ready to capture a one off moment.

2.Have a celebration. In this case, it was Chris’40th. The whole 40th party was a visual dream themed masquerade ball. Chris ordered 3 masks from Venice. The tables were styled with velvet napkins, fuchsia, and gold pops of florals. A black-tiered cake covered in flowers, sparkles, and 40 candles. Friends and Family all dressed up to the occasion. The perfect venue is no other than The George Ballroom in St Kilda where Chris grew up. Menus were sprayed with Chris’s beloved aunties’ fragrance. Opera singers to perform a piece inspired by the 90s movie Eyes wide shut. String quartet. Lighting change every hour. From natural light to a purple-blue, then a red warm light during dinner and finishing hot pink. Door host welcomes guests and asks for a password to gain entry which is ‘Fidelio’ also from the movie.

3. Find the perfect moment. When you are the the last person to give a speech for example. Ash walked towards Chris and went down on his knees!!!!

4. Distract your partner! Pretend you are not interested in marriage. That is what Chris told me the whole time that this 40th Birthday celebration is his substitute wedding.

5. Make sure all the nearest and dearest are invited. As Ash dropped down to his knees, my photographers instinct kicked in, I grabbed my flash and ran behind the couple to capture this unexpected surprise that no one knew was coming. Chris’s Mum, family, and friends were all gushing with tears of joy as the newly engaged couple were surrounded by their most loved ones. It was truly a spectacular night and could not have finished more on a high.

6. Have a photographer capture this unforgettable moment. And that way, if you love their work, you have gotten yourself a photographer for your wedding already and can tick that one off the list. I cannot wait for your wedding, Chris & Ash!!!!

Lighting Technical Events

Flowers Flower Jar

Venue The George Ballroom

Styling and Catering Damm Fine Food