Neighbor during stage 4 lockdown.

” Have you noticed that everytime we go into lockdown, we get nice weather?”

It has been tough. It has been rough. And it has been almost half a year. We have baked our sourdough, ordered 1800 lasagne, filled and emptied our drinks cabinet, stayed positive, made our own cotton mask, joined the gym in our backyard….NOW WHAT?

Like most of us, I felt a little deflated when the news struck and we are going into a further restricted stage 4 lockdown. Even the most positive person like myself is going to question whether the glass is actually half full!

So I have created a list that will hopefully inspire you to make the most of this once in a lifetime event. We may never receive this opportunity again. And remember it is all about our perspective, the lens we use to view this world or situation. 


We complain when we are too busy and we complain when we have too much time. I found starting each day with all the things I am grateful for and writing them in my journal has really been an echo in my life. I am grateful for

  • The sun ( we have had the best winter!)
  • Donut delivery by shortstop the best donut place in Melbourne is still within 5km.
  • The smell of coffee each morning. 
  • My wonderful neighbors. So happy for my neighbor who found a lovely lady just before lockdown and we have been “hanging out” in the distance over our balconies. The same day I was on a walk and passed this older couple who were having a glass of wine in their garage and on the opposite side of the road, their neighbor was also enjoying the sun with a drink in his hand. He smiled and said, “ Have you noticed that every time we go into lockdown we get nice weather?” Now that is being positive, love it!
  • Lockdown with the people you love whether it is a romantic, friendship, or family love. I can’t stop smiling around Mory and loyal generous friends who are there for you in action and words. They really make this world a better place!
  • The opportunity to breathe in fresh air and wear shorts when I am running. Who would’ve thought that it would ever come out of my mouth that I am grateful for exercise?!
  • Trying out a new recipe. We have made so many things. Chili oil. Spatzle. Dutch babies. Basque cheesecake. Baguette. Butterscotch pudding. Banana muffins. Chai cake. Dumplings. Tteokbokki ( If you don’t know what this is, watch the episode of Everybody feed Phil in Seoul it is worth going to Korea for!) On the list next is fried chicken and tiramisu. The list is never-ending!
  • No more FOMO!!!!
  • $2.5 Caramilk. A caramilk a day keeps the psychologist away!
  • The rainbow! What a promise from heaven.
  • BACHIE starting tonight! SO excited! 


I am someone that feels great when I am productive and have achieved something. I always start the day with a to-do list. And when I have completed my list I feel a sense of accomplishment, that I have lived this day well. One really helpful device is a diary ( I love MiGOALS ) and a Fitbit to track your steps/goals. For those who have time on their hands yet lack in work, upskill! I have found LinkedIn learning so exciting with unlimited courses on everything. I did one on creativity and social media. And with less distraction and FOMO, what an opportunity to be present. Something that seems to be almost impossible with Instagram and iPhones. Be present in nature knowing the sun is still coming out every morning and the birds are still chirping. And be present with the people you do get to see.


What a blessing it is to give than to receive. Look for ways to brighten up someone else’s day. Ubereats has been my go-to for Birthday presents during lockdown! You will never know how much a small gesture means to another person. It is a perfect time to be a good neighbor and a good friend.

I chose this picture of a rainbow because it reminds me that even when it rains, the sun will come back out. And if you look closely, you may even spot the dancing birds.