Every culture has its own wedding traditions, have you ever witnessed the Jewish wedding traditions?

Having traditions captures is so significant as these are meaningful moments that get passed on through generations and generations.

Here are some of my favourite Jewish wedding traditions that truly captures your heart and brought tears to many!

1 – Bedeken

Similar to the “First Look” the Bedeken starts with the groom followed by the men in the family all walking towards the bride and the veiling by her groom to be. The musician is singing and walking in front of the groom. It is an intimate moment with the closest and dearest family.

2 – The Chuppah

A Chuppah is a canopy under which the couple stand to signify the new home that the bride and groom are building together. In jewish tradition, both sets of parents stand under the Chuppah with the new couple. With Nina and Dave, Ninas parents walked her to the middle of the aisle where Dave walked into the middle to walk back to the Chuppah together.

And have you seen a more stunning Chuppah!!

3 – Sheva B’rachot: Seven Blessings

How special to have friends and family speak blessings over you and your marriage, in English and Hebrew. The blessings focus on joy, celebration, and Love.

4 – Moment of Silence

Before the celebrations begin, there is a moment of silence for the guests to send all their blessings and love to the new couple without words. In a world so busy and filled with noise, how precious to have a silent moment to soak it all in!

5 – Mazel Tov!

Mazel tov is probably one of the most known jewish sayings. Once the ceremony is over and the glass is broken, the guests cheer “Mazel tov!” and the celebration begins! Family and friends starting streaming into the Chuppah congratulating the newly weds. The atmosphere is beaming of joy!!

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