4 Steps to getting that perfect headshot

Professional Headshot, how often do we judge a person based on first impression? An introduction whether it is LinkedIn ( or a dating app ), we want to make that great first impression. We want those headshots to capture the essence of who we are or how we we want the viewer to see us.

Professional Headshots takes around 5 – 15 min, a more extensive Profile pic where the background plays a bigger role takes 15 – 30 min. Whatever you are after, here are the steps!


Smartphone cameras are exceptionally handy these days. A headshot, however, especially one for your website or Linkedin needs to be professional. Many factors including lighting and backdrop will impact the quality of the headshot and that is where the photographer comes in. For a company, it is important for consistent photos across their team/website.


Some people don’t need any warm-up time and are just picture perfect instantly. Most of us including myself need to feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera. That is why I always recommend wearing an outfit that makes you feel great. I usually allow for 5 – 15 minutes per person as it may vary. I will direct you in your body language that is professional, welcoming, and gaining trust.

For Chrysler


Hair and dress code makes a huge difference to the photo. Shirts are a popular choice, just make sure it is properly ironed with no creases and the tie is straight. I would recommend plain colors and avoiding patterns. You can accessorize with layers, textures, glasses, and jewelry. Hair neat and tidy avoiding strands of hair so we can see your face!

For Half Dome Digital


I often get asked whether to smile or not and I would always say smile! A smiling picture is far more powerful than one without emotion. It doesn’t have to be a hysterical laugh but a smile is the first step for someone to get to know you.

And most importantly, have fun!

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If you need more convincing, check out some of my celebrity headshots !