I travelled ALOT last year so how appropriate to finish off the year with a trip to Hobart.

How beautiful and sunny has the first month of January been? Im loving it. What a great start to the year. Every year has its ups and downs but in general, it just keeps getting better. I recently heard about this book called necessary endings. How true. For new beginnings to happen, endings of certain things are necessary. That is why January is always exciting and full of hope!

So my last trip last year was to Hobart/Tassy for a wedding at the very interesting Mona Gallery ( I am not into museums but they have a fat ferrari ! )

I never expected Tassy to look this picturesque. It is surrounded by a lake. Sound of Music. The mountains. The markets. The bearded man at the Lark Distillery. Yes I went for Whisky.

( My bro asked me why I am ordering old mens drinks like whisky, old fashioned and negroni. It could be the really cool crystal glass or the big ice cube and they make you feel warm and fuzzy )

Enjoy. If you ever visit Tassy, make sure to try the Scallop Pie and bagels from Salamanca Market and bring a puffer jacket even in summer!

Spot the snow in the mountain top! And make sure to try the yummy things I mentioned

Gingerbread bagel from Bury me Standing / Coffee from Pigeon Whole Bakers / Whisky from Lark