Wow – What a world we are currently in! Remember those days where you can just work from a cafe? Well, there are a few silver linings, besides interest rates being at an all-time low, I also have time to blog again! It has been a crazy busy season and we are almost forced to take a break and STOP. For some of you working from home may be a first, for me, I was working from home for most of my business years before I moved into my current studio. So here is my step by step guide to working from home and making it your own!

Step 1 Create your home office space

This part is so important as where you work will determine how well you work. Find a corner of your home that has natural light to get your dose of vitamin D, is relatively quiet, is NOT close to the fridge and your bed is NOT a desirable option.

Step 2 Create your home office desk

This is the fun part! I have a beautiful white long desk and a back-friendly chair. My 27″ iMac sits on it along with some candles, a speaker and a plant. Make sure it is clean and inspiring and you are comfortable but not too comfortable! Have a notebook and colorful pens ready for any ideas that may spring to mind.

Step 3 Create a routine

Discipline is key to working from home. Set your alarm as usual. Get changed and presentable as if you were going to work. Even if you are not planning on seeing anyone today, this is important. Just as your inside affects your outside, your outside also affects your inside!

Step 4 Create something to look forward to

For those of you who know me, I am a very social person. I always catch up with at least one person per day. What got me going for working from home for so many years were the daily catch ups I could look forward to! It can be over a takeaway coffee, a run, a walk or even a phone call. Remember, being focused means you can do less to achieve more.

Step 5 Create snack breaks

During university, I used to snack a lot ( wait, I still do ) but the difference is, I used to snack on my desk. Now I separate them. Stand up and go get a snack or coffee, and when refreshed, go back to your desk. Oh, and if its Donut Day ( which is Sundays, Mondays, and Fridays ) give Shortstop a call I think they now deliver within 20km radius!

Step 6 Create Boundaries

I know this is not a popular word but it takes time for our minds to shut down. So since we don’t have the physical distance between our work and our bed anymore, I would recommend finishing at a certain time and to relax before you go to bed. I like to cook ( by I, I mean I am the sous chef and someone else is the head chef ), watch some Gilmore girls ( I probably wouldn’t recommend Black Mirror at this time ) read a book and just relax and switch off so when you go to bed you can have a good night sleep.

I really hope this helps and inspires you xx

PS Featured in the above image is my always positive and adaptive, favorite Entrepreneur Josh.