Lon Retreat, the ultimate and necessary getaway – Sorry I haven’t written in a while. First half of 2019 has been hectic. Work has been busy despite of this cold weather! No time to be melancholic.

I recently was listing all the things I have figured out so far, the biggest one being that I don’t have it all figured out. I also asked my besties bf on his birthday what he has figured out. He said :
“Be grateful. And if need be, remove yourself from your life to do so.”

I followed his advice with an impromptu one night get-away aka luxury rehab to Long Retreat after someone I had gotten very close in the last 4 months had left me with death cab for 4 months.

I was amazed at the amount of envy I received over instagram. Fair, I was not exactly deserving of any kind of sympathy when I submerged myself into the cozy spa at Lon Retreat just half hour past Geelong that two of my close friends had been raving about. After a smooth 1.5 hour drive from Melbourne, I was welcomed by friendly staff and taken to 1 out of 7 bright rooms with an interior fit for kinfolk magazine. The sun was gleaning in and the first thing I noticed was the freshly grounded local coffee. I like them already. The decor was warm, welcoming, filled with pastel colors and light timber. According to design Psychologists, timber lowers our anxiety. Well. Of course it does. Being in nature always feels like home. We were built to be in creation! Oh and did I mention my room included a hammock AND an outdoor shower? Using it no matter what, taking the close to nature literally.

My stay started with a massage where my masseuse quickly turned into my fairy god mother. There is something very soothing and calming about touch, whether it comes from a person, a pet OR a masseuse ( money CAN buy you happiness sometimes! ). After that I sat in the Vichy Steam Shower where any peck of sorrow left just melted away with the steam and sweat. Hmmm I wonder how much it would cost to install one of these magical devices that can instantly turn my world into a warm hazy place. I came out smelling and feeling blissful. We have access to a private beach so I took a sunset stroll down to IGA for my microwave dinner ( to be enjoyed at midnight after a dip in the mineral pool).

Ingredients for the Ultimate Necessary Getaway :

A journal

A pen

A book

A bottle of red


Trackies & ugg boots

I sat in front of the fireplace and read an entire book in 2.5 hours. WOW. What you can achieve with no wifi!

It was a book by the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. It claimed that happiness has little to do with money and more to do with relationship, surprise surprise. Interesting fact: the peak happiness is not in 2s ( a couple) but in 3-4s ( community/family). Also interesting : Danes are the happiest people and they are one of highest consumers of bacon….I knew it!!! They also compared activities that made us happiest. Top one was Sex. NOT helpful. I wrote down the goals I have achieved so far for the first half of 2019 and the goals I need to achieve for the rest of the year ( setting goals process will¬† be my next post). I re-evaluated all my friendships, a regular exercise of mine supported by the 16 personality test that my biggest fear in life is wasting time!

Check out this place that full filled all my dreams and needs in one night ( Channel nine were filming while I was busy eyeing off the owners mums daily baked muffins. I’ll take two!


Be still. Reflect. Get clarity. Don’t miss it! Don’t be afraid of what you will hear and allow for things to happen that you never expected.

And be grateful. I cannot recommend it more.